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November 2022. Lab dinner in Chinatown!

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August 2022. The lab celebrates and says goodbye to Xie as he heads home to China to start at the Institute of Basic Medicine and Cancer at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. We’ll miss you Xie!

the group!

March 2022. Lab dinner at Koreana!

Lab Open House 2021

September 1, 2021. The lab had an open house event for new graduate students. We also popped some champagne to celebrate Tom’s recent paper in ACS Central Science! Congrats Tom!

worth the hike

July 19, 2021. The lab traveled to Blacksburg, VA for a mini retreat with the Buczynski and Gregus Lab! We got to hear about the all the great neuroscience they are doing and brainstorm future work together. Thanks for hosting us at Virginia Tech!